University Oaks Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

The health and wellness of our residents is our top priority, please see below for more information.

Are there individual leases?

Yes! Each applicant completes their own application and lease and is responsible for his/her own rental installments. We offer individual liability leases.

Fees associated with bringing your pet with you are as follows:

• Non-Refundable Pet Fee (per pet) $250
• Monthly Pet Rent (per pet) $20

Do you allow pets?

Yes! Your furry friend is welcomed at University Oaks. Please click the link below to see our Pet Policy.

Do you allow service animals?

We sure do, please contact the on-site team for more information about registering your animal.

How long are the leases?

University Oaks offers a variety of lease terms based on availability and floor plan! We offer Academic term leases (Mid August- Mid May), Full term leases (Mid August- July), Fall Term Only (Mid August- Mid December), and Short Term Options (contact office).

Do you provide roommate matching?

Come to us with friends in mind or allow us to match you up-- your choice! We give the power to choose your unit and roommates in your application. We can also match you up with a compatible roommate based on the profile you complete in the application process. *unit and roommates subject to change without notice

Bed sizes vary based on floorplans. Please see below:
A.) 4 Bedroom beds in buildings 2-12 are twin long. This gives you more space in your room. These beds cannot be changed out.
B.) 4 bedroom beds in buildings 14-44 are full size.
C.) 2 bedroom 1 bathroom & Super Two beds are mixed. The A (1) space is a twin long and the B (2) space is a full. These beds cannot be changed due to the layout of the floorplan.
D.) 2 bedroom 2 bathroom beds are all full size.
E.) Unfurnished options are a clean space to build your home. Only appliances come in this floorplan. 

Are the apartments furnished?

We have both furnished and unfurnished options! Our furnished options come with a bed, dressers, desk, chair, couch, chair, coffee table, and side table.

Are utilities included?

Yes! There are no utility bills at University Oaks. All utilities are included (water, cable, internet, gas, electric). There are no caps or additional fees.

Is there onsite Maintenance?

Yes, we have a great maintenance team to address your needs. Have an issue after-hours, we have a on call team ready to assist.

Do I have to live on campus at UTSA?

No, on campus living is currently not required, but highly encouraged. In fact, it is well established through national research that students who live on campus report higher satisfaction with their college experience as well as higher graduation rates. It’s important to note that students who choose University Oaks have no meal plan requirement, but are able to purchase a meal plan designed for them in mind which is not available to other on-campus freshmen and sophomores. The Rowdy 75 offers University Oaks residents maximum flexibility to enjoy any venue on campus, including the Roadrunner Café which offers numerous food stations in an all-you-can-eat arrangement. Of course, University Oaks residents are also free to choose any other meal plan they prefer, or none at all. University Oaks offers the only apartments on campus with full kitchens.

Are UTSA residence halls Co-Ed?

Yes, residence halls and communities are Co-ed. Individual units are assigned to same gender types unless gender inclusive housing is selected. Individual units can be assigned as co-ed units in University Oaks. If you would like a co-ed unit at University Oaks, please reach out to and we will be happy to go over our options!

Does University Oaks have mail delivery?

Yes, we each student has a mail box shared with their roommates. Packages are delivered to an Amazon Hub accessible 24 hours a day with a private code.

Is there a lease termination/cancellation policy?

Please see the lease agreement for the policy and requirements.

If I don't like my roommate can I change rooms?

Yes, if the request is made 30 days prior to move in and there is space available there is no charge to change rooms. If during the school year, a roommate mediation would take place with out Director of Residence Life and at that time she will determine the need.

Can I change my lease term?

Yes, if the request is made 30 days prior to move in.

Buildings 2-26:

6685 UTSA Blvd (Apt #)

San Antonio, TX 78249


Buildings 32-44:

6707 UTSA Blvd (Apt #)

San Antonio, TX 78249

What is my address for mail and packages?

Where do I go for housing tours?

University Oaks Leasing Office: 6707 UTSA Blvd San Antonio, TX 78249 -- Call for gate code upon arrival.

Where do I send my check or money order for rent?

University Oaks Administrative Office: 6685 UTSA Blvd San Antonio, TX 78249